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Listening Booth: 1970
Listening Booth: 1970
Album Notes: John Wade was a record store located a mile or two from our house in Cleveland, Ohio. One of my favorite things to do as a kid was to hang out there and look through the rows and rows of LPs and 45s. Even before I heard the music, there was a thrill in flipping through the racks of records, checking out the covers, and looking at the song titles and credits on the back. I wondered who these artists, players, and producers (whatever that meant) were. They inhabited a world I couldn’t even imagine, but I wanted in. I was a kid with a strong need to be transported. In those days, there was so much soul and poetry in the music being released that anyone predisposed to music like I was stood a pretty good chance of finding a piece of vinyl that just might change his life or seal his fate. One of the best things about John Wade was the listening booth. It was glass enclosed and equipped with a turntable, a pair of headphones, and a place to sit. You could take a stack of LPs into the booth, listen to them, and decide if there was anything you wanted to buy. If painters instead of singers had been my thing, I suppose I would have hung out at the Cleveland Museum of Art. But the listening booth at John Wade is where I went to quietly take in the work of the masters. Looking back, 1970—the year that all of the songs on this record were originally released—was a pivotal year in music. It was the year that the Beatles broke up. Simon and Garfunkel too. It was the beginning of a new decade, but it wasn’t really “the ’70s” yet. 1970, at least musically, still felt like the ’60s somehow. It was not only the golden age of the single (Signed, Sealed, Delivered; The Tears of a Clown; American Woman; Everybody Is a Star; Lookin’ out My Back Door; I Want You Back, etc.), it was a window into the beginning of the golden age of the album, especially when it came to singer-songwriters. A quartet of albums that came out that year were hugely important to me: Bridge Over Troubled Water, After the Gold Rush, Sweet Baby James, and Moondance. They lit the way for me and set me on my path. But, as James Taylor said, there was a “holy host of others.” There was Let It Be, Plastic Ono Band, McCartney, All Things Must Pass, Cosmo’s Factory, His Band and Street Choir, Tea for the Tillerman, Ladies of the Canyon, Déjà Vu, 12 Songs by Randy Newman, Elton John, American Beauty, Workingman’s Dead, Leon Russell’s debut, Layla…and the list goes on and on. Some of my favorites from that year were too intimidating or iconic to touch. Some were impossible to reinterpret in a meaningful way. My friend and producer John Leventhal and I wanted to make these old familiar classics sound, in effect, like you were hearing them for the first time. In the end, this record is my humble attempt to repay a debt of gratitude to the artists that changed my life, and to try and bring something fresh to their work, which, forty years later, still sounds as vital and soulful as ever. So sit back, put on a pair of headphones, and step into the listening booth. Marc Cohn • New York City • March 2010

Wild World
Look at Me
Maybe I'm Amazed
Make It with You (with India.Arie)
The Letter
The Only Living Boy in New York
After Midnight
The Tears of a Clown (with Kristina Train)
No Matter What (with Aimee Mann)
New Speedway Boogie (with Jim Lauderdale)
Into the Mystic
Long as I Can See the Light